Media training for professionals

100% confidence in interviews

Get your message across. Project confidence and competence. And remain confident, even if the going gets tough.

Learn how to convey even complex issues in 20 seconds without ever losing the thread of your argument. We also practise tactical strategies since tricky questions can crop up even in “cooperative” interviews designed simply to clarify or discuss issues.

This is why you need tools to control the situation, even if it is a friendly one, ensuring that you appear poised and quick-witted during your media appearance.

In the course of creating your own story, you will gain an insight into journalists’ work and get to understand what makes them tick, both on radio and TV.

  • Visual entertainment: explain the complex in simple terms, that’s how you get your point across
  • The three-block technique: how to get to the point in 20 seconds
  • Transitions and trouble switches: how to react faced with unpleasant questions
  • Stay focused despite being on air: how to stick to your script
  • Background, labelling, clothing: how to create the impression you want to create
  • On and off the record: various interview settings and how they differ

Reality check: Participants will be interviewed about their subjects by well-known journalists in real media settings. You will receive personal feedback, and we will work on improvements and make them second nature by practising, practising, practising. The aim is to make sure that, by the end of the day, you have learnt what you need from the training to achieve the desired result in practice.

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Public Trainings

09.09.2020 | 14.10.2020
09:00 – 17:00 Uhr
830 Euro exkl. USt.

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