Terms and conditions

1. Seminar fee

Unless otherwise agreed, the seminar fee includes:

a) use of a seminar room in Mariahilfer Straße 109, 1060 Vienna;

b) provision of equipment as required for the seminar (beamer, sound technology and presentation devices; please note that any notebooks required must be provided by the participants themselves);

c) seminar documents as required and useful for the actual training.

The seminar fee applies to the given maximum number of participants as mentioned in the offer and/or seminar description. If participants do not attend, this will not entitle to a price reduction.

2. Seminar preparation

Intomedia’s seminar organisation will gather any information on topics and participants, as well as any other information conducive to the training’s quality and efficiency. In addition, the fee includes the time spent by the trainer to prepare for the topics and issues indicated by you, provided this has been agreed in the offer and is useful for the seminar.

3. Travelling expenses and accommodation costs for training courses held at a venue of your choice

a) If you prefer the training course not to be held at Intomedia’s premises, the actual travelling expenses, as well as expenses for board and lodging for your trainer(s), will be added to the fee given (airfare, taxi or official mileage allowance, parking fees).

b) A successful seminar includes appropriate technical equipment in the seminar rooms. We would be happy to assist you with organising it. We would also be happy to help you in any other way, be it to recommend hotels or provide checklists for seminar rooms.

Please note however that our trainers may cancel any seminars on the spot if seminar conditions are unsuitable (at the full cancellation fee). This is exclusively done to maintain the quality of our seminars.

4. Journey times

We are also happy to come to you. This is why we include up to two hours of travelling time in each direction in our fee. If it takes longer than that, we will charge € 150 per additional commenced hour and person.

5. Weekend and holiday surcharge

If you are too busy during the week, at your request we can also provide our seminars on Saturdays or Sundays or on public holidays. In this case we charge a fixed surcharge of      € 700 a day.

6. Changes

It may happen, even if it does not happen very often, that the trainer agreed must cancel the training at short notice (e.g. for health reasons). In this case we will provide another trainer, with your agreement. We will of course guarantee you the same high quality as described in our offer.

7. Copyright

All seminar documents and any visualisations are intended for your own personal use (i.e. you are not allowed to use them as a trainer for commercial purposes).

Any documents provided by us during a seminar or work on a project shall always remain Intomedia’s intellectual property. Any other use, even if only within your company, shall without exception require our prior written consent.

8. Our principle of trust

Our trainers are bound to absolute secrecy, which also includes any personal incidents of course.

Due to this principle of confidentiality, please accept that we do not provide any information to clients on either behaviour or progress made by individual participants. If you wish to be informed, all seminar participants must be made aware of this by you and us in advance.

This is the only way to stay trustworthy, both to the inside and the outside.

9. Terms of payment

Friendship is friendship, but accounts must be kept. Our invoices are due upon receipt, i.e. within 8 days net cash. If the customer defaults, default interest of 10% per annum may be charged. In this case, a reminder will also be sent, for which Intomedia will charge a handling fee. If the request for payment is ignored, Intomedia may entrust collection agencies or lawyers with collecting the payment. The customer is obliged to reimburse Intodmedia for any costs incurred in bringing an appropriate action. Any prices in our programme, on price lists and in offers shall be exclusive of statutory value-added tax pursuant to Austrian legislation.

10. Cancellation terms

Cancellations and postponements are usually based on good reasons. And we will, as you are used from us, try to find appropriate solutions.

Our cancellation terms, which you accept when placing your order: when cancelling up to 28 days before the seminar, there will be no cost for you.

When cancelling between 28 and 21 days before the seminar, we will charge 50% of the total fee. For cancellations within 21 days before the seminar, we will have to charge 100% of the total fee. The invoiced amount shall be payable immediately without deduction upon receipt of the invoice; the same applies to any cancellation fee when you cancel.

11. Place of jurisdiction

We, the Intomedia Medientraining GmbH, shall be bound and committed to all of the above general terms and conditions as soon as you place your order.

You, the client, fully agree to these conditions by your written confirmation of the order, except if we expressly agreed with you otherwise on a case-by-case basis in writing. If we cannot reach a consensus on a disagreement – which we would aim for – the place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court in Vienna.

1 January 2010

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