Crisis training

How to handle a crisis

In this training course we will simulate a crisis situation and the interview settings that come with it.

The aim is to test the messages, goals and strategies that we develop during the course so that we can assess the progression and dynamics of the crisis. We will conduct several interviews during the course, giving you the confidence to protect your company’s image from any damage and to present your company in a way that you feel is right and desirable even under threatening conditions.

Our crisis training team consists of an Intomedia trainer alongside radio, TV or print journalists. Based on the interviews conducted, they will write reports and articles, and produce audiovisual content. This easy-to-follow process will allow you to correct any unhelpful behaviour and adapt your strategies, getting you through the crisis unscathed.

  • The three phases of a crisis: doing the right thing at the right time
  • First aid: preparing and implementing an emergency statement
  • Empathy and defence: calming and guiding emotions
  • Reputation: building renewed trust by showing prudence and commitment
  • Strategy and tactics: argumentation in a media crisis
  • Rhetorical and psychological devices and strategies on a meta-dialogue level to steer the crisis interview in the direction that you want

Reality check: You will be interviewed by well-known journalists in real media settings, as if in a strategic manoeuvre. You will receive personal feedback, and we will work on improvements and make them second nature by practising, practising, practising. The aim is to make sure that, by the end of the day, you have learnt what you need from the training to achieve the desired result in practice.

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