Cross-media training

Increase the lifespan of your messages

In our cross-media trainings you will learn how to ensure effective interaction of your communication in classic and digital media. We make your topics more visible, whether in the digital or analogue space.

Intomedia X sonicboom

You are the message!

In our cross-media training Personal Positioning, we ensure that your media impact on analogue and digital media channels optimally matches your personality and career goals.

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A holistic view of media crises

Nowadays, media crises take place simultaneously on digital and analogue channels and thus reinforce each other. Whether in classic media or digital: In this training you will learn the optimal strategies to efficiently counter crises in any setting.

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Convince analogue and digital with stories

Intertwine your messages in analogue and digital media worlds. Distribute well-told stories at the right times on the right channels. Convince with exciting company and product stories that your target group will remember.

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