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Do you want to be able to communicate convincingly and to convey your message exactly as you see it? All the while remaining poised and authentic? You’ve come to the right place.

With well over 1,500 customers every year, we are the leading institute for media training and business communication in Austria. Our techniques and methods have been tried and tested many times in practice, are immediately actionable and, on top of all that, highly effective. Practise with us, in our TV and radio studios, and learn how to put our effective tools and strategies to good use.
You will be able to implement your newly acquired skills immediately – and that’s guaranteed!

Exude Confidence On Stage

Let’s prepare you together for your radio, TV and print interviews, press conferences and any other public appearance. We can train you in the methods that work best to get your message across and in how to communicate appropriately in a crisis. You can try out all your newly acquired tools and techniques in a realistic setting in our studios. All our seminars and workshops are tailored to your specific needs.

Perfect Communication For Your Company

Learn how to apply tried-and-tested public speaking and communication methods and tricks in your own company by booking one of our courses. Whether in team meetings, when talking with superiors or interacting with external partners: your internal and external communication skills will improve immeasurably.

Which is the right training course for you?

What do you need training for? What would you like to improve? Use our course finder and find the course that‘s right for you.

I’m looking for support in:

My goal is to:

Your result: Media training for professionals

100% confidence in interviews

Learn how to convey even complex issues in 20 seconds without ever losing the thread of your argument. And remain confident, even if the going gets tough.

Your result: Media training for executives

Finding yourself in a blaze of criticism

This Training Course will prepare you for all types of media clash or confrontation. We will equip you with the skills you need by practising rhetorical strategies, controlling techniques and psychological tools in real-life settings.

Your result: Media training for print & online

Quotes don’t just happen

During this training course participants will get to experience up close how print and online journalists work, see what interview tricks they like to use and how an article is created.

Your result: Crisis training

How to handle a crisis

In this training course we will simulate a crisis situation and the interview settings that come with it. The aim is to test the messages, goals and strategies that we develop during the course so that we can assess the progression and dynamics of the crisis.

Your result: Social media workshops

For a rounded communication strategy

Social media strategy, campaigns, implementation, monitoring and Analysis. The trial and error approach used in the past has now been replaced by a “strategic, holistic and sustainable” approach.

Your result: Discussion training

Shine your light

In a situation where several people on a panel are giving their opinion about a topic, you will need certain skills to stand out from the crowd and to reflect the image you want. You will practise giving your own opinion or expertise the space required, learning how to deal with interruptions in a professional manner while remaining appreciative and calm.

Your result: Press conference training

Events for media representatives

Print, radio or TV: Bring the diverse issues that journalists from various fields have under one umbrella, at the same time and location.

Your result: Personal presence

Your authentic charisma

Presentations, speeches, meetings, in front of a small group or in large auditoriums: in this training course you will learn how to develop a natural stage presence. Conveying content clearly and getting to the heart of the matter, while remaining interesting and genuine.

Your result: Focus feedback: media impact

Your impact is what counts

The Intomedia focus feedback is an integrated online test, giving you objective, clear and science-based feedback on the impact you’re having on your viewers and listeners – quickly and directly.

My goal is to:

Your result: Wording und Messages

Getting to the point in 20 seconds

Get your views across convincingly and effectively in as little time as possible.
Learn exactly how to do this from seasoned media professionals.

Your result: Power rhetoric

The secret tricks of media professionals

Learn how to control dialogue actively, and you will stay in control even in tough encounters and be able to assert your agenda. You will immediately be able to judge how you have fared from the journalist’s reaction.

Your result: Discussions and Meetings

How others will always listen to YOU

You might have the best arguments and the most plausible viewpoints but you won’t be heard if you become entangled in the cross fire of a confrontation. Media professionals will show you how to make yourself heard in your everyday business dealings.

Your result: Impact

Language – voice – body language

Learn how to articulate correctly and perfect your breathing and posture, thus significantly boosting the impact you make on your audience. You are judged according to how you speak. Intensive training course for language and speaking using proven media methods.

Your result: Storytelling

Infos converted into compelling stories

The media are masters of turning information into compelling stories. Follow suit and turn your products into the stars of the show, and your company into an exciting production.

Your result: Personal Presence Business

Your compelling appearance

A presentation, lecture, talk, moderation, for small groups or in a large room – whatever the challenges you face in your work life: in our Personal Presence training sessions you will learn how to develop your natural charisma and build up real suspense for your audience, in keeping with your content, your company or your reputation.

Your result: Writing skills for Business purposes

Appeal to your target audience with good texts

Executives and employees are experts in their respective fields, but writing is rarely one of their core competences. Yet texts need to be written all the time: emails or blog posts, annual reports or website content, speeches or even just regular correspondence.

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