Stefan Schimmel

Head of the Personal Presence unit

Professional background
Stefan started out as a theatre director staging plays for local, fringe and youth theatres. As a drama educator he was involved in projects with young people and adults in the fields of team building, improvisation, creativity and stage presence. He is a trained storyteller (Berlin University of the Arts) and creates storytelling events for various target groups.

Stefan has written “Ihr Auftritt bitte” [You’re on!] (published in German in 2010 by Goldegg), offering his experiences from both sides of the stage – both as actor and coach – for business purposes.

Training focus
At Intomedia Stefan heads the Personal Presence unit, giving training seminars and coaching sessions that help to promote executives’ credibility and authenticity in stage situations (presentations, talks, lectures, Q&As). Creating suspense in public appearances is what his storytelling seminars are all about.

Stefan is also a trained logotherapy educator (Viktor Frankl Centre Vienna), enabling him to train speakers in how to achieve perfect stage presence.

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You tell children stories to put them to sleep, and you tell them to adults to wake them up.

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