Melinda Crane

Educational background
Melinda studied history at Brown University and law at Harvard Law School. She was awarded a PhD in political economy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Professional background
Working as a journalist, Melinda contributed to the New York Times Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe, the monthly journal "Frankfurter Hefte", the German magazine "Internationale Politik", and the German broadcaster ARD. She has given lectures and chaired high-level panel discussions and conferences for several organisations and companies, and has also taken part in many TV and radio debates and broadcasts as a highly sought-after expert. For Deutsche Welle TV she hosts the news programme “Journal” and also the political talk show “Quadriga”, and she analyses US politics for the German news channel n-tv. As International Affairs Consultant for the former talk show “Sabine Christiansen” (presented by the German television presenter of the same name) Melinda produced interviews with Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. She also used to head the editorial team of Christiansen’s programme “Global Players” broadcast by CNBC.

Training focus
Media training seminars for TV, radio and the print sector with a focus on the following subjects: transatlantic politics; energy, climate and environment; transport and communication; migration, integration and urbanisation; globalisation, finance, world trade; medicine and pharmaceuticals; research and science; women, families and education policy; new media and the Internet. She gives seminars in German and English.

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