Videocast training

Communicating news effectively via camera

To succeed in front of the camera, you need a high level of routine in combination with the right tools and strategies. In our Videocast training, you will learn how to formulate your content via video message in a catchy and attractive way.

The right tools ensure that you will easily succeed in working out simple wording structures, maintaining the red thread, moving from reciting a text to telling a story and building up a personal relationship with the "other person" in the process.

With tools from the field of image management, you will learn simple measures to create essential impressions (such as competence, sympathy and commitment). This includes the appropriate use of body language (facial expressions, gestures, posture, eye contact, etc.) in front of the camera.

Learn how to reduce stress in front of the camera to a minimum and avoid red-light symptoms and the resulting disturbances. After this training, you will find it easy to build up tension in front of the camera, maintain the necessary concentration and attract the attention of your target group.

  • Conveying content to staff and/or customers in a winning way
  • Professional preparation of content appropriate to the medium
  • Get to the heart of the content in a nutshell
  • Remain authentic, appear personal and be credible
  • Entering into a conversation where there is none: Means of establishing a relationship via camera
  • Stress out - routine in
  • Behaviour on set - body language, outfit and labelling

Reality Check

All theoretical inputs of the training through exercises are immediately put into practice and optimised through analysis and feedback. Progress can be checked round by round.



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