Social media workshops

For a balanced communication strategy

In order to answer all the important questions for your company surrounding communication in Web 2.0, Intomedia has developed compact, modular social media workshops.

Social media is now an established and fixed component of companies’ communication and marketing mix. The trial and error approach used in the past has now been replaced by a “strategic, holistic and sustainable” approach. It is therefore important to control your communication and to develop strategies, first to take account of current trends and second to prevent potential crises.

Our social media workshops are offered in four modules:

Social media strategy

Strategic structure and definition of subjects, trends and crises, target groups, relevant communication channels, tools, time and resources planning, return on investment (ROI performance) considering the current legal framework (within and outside the company)

Social media campaigns

(with the aim of achieving sustainable success)
Planning, preparing and implementing of successful social media campaigns that are strategic, holistic and sustainable (including up-to-date examples of best practice)

Social media implementation

(a holistic approach considering all marketing tools – online and offline)
Incorporating social media efficiently into the overall communication and marketing mix, including above the line (print, online ads, sponsoring, radio and TV) and below the line (viral and buzz marketing, mobile marketing, event marketing)

Social media monitoring and analysis

(to guarantee control of your communication)
Web and social media monitoring including manual monitoring (Google search options and operators, etc.) as well as automated monitoring (e.g. social media monitoring tools)

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