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Events for media representatives

Bring the diverse issues that journalists from various fields have under one umbrella, at the same time and location.

Print, radio or TV: the journalistic hierarchy of needs is just one of many tools that can help you to make the impossible possible – namely pleasing everyone. We also practise how to manage and control the range of questions asked by journalists from different backgrounds and with different goals, helping you to make your press conference an informative and communicative event. Press conferences require an instinct for the right script and the skills to tell a story that stands up. They require the ability to present your messages in the manner you wish and so that they can be picked up by individual journalists in a variety of media.

  • Exciting scripts for your press conference presentation
  • Various twists on the same topic: how to change the perspective skilfully for use in the tabloid press, quality media and glossy magazines
  • Catering for diverging interests with one event: the Intomedia target group check
  • Press conferences are about the team: how to make more of individual performance than the sum of the individual parts
  • Sorting out the confusion: how to handle questions coming from every possible angle
  • Orchestration: about the right setting, important labels, team members’ clothes and helpful background information

Reality check: You can choose to hold your press conference in front of renowned radio, TV and print journalists and put yourself to the test during several rounds of questioning. These rounds will be recorded and then analysed and optimised on a step-by-step basis. This reality check tests you in a real-life setting and prepares you for any eventuality. You will already have answered most of the questions faced during the press conference in the course of your training.

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