Personal presence

Your authentic charisma

Telling your story, and telling it in a way that convinces and touches your audience. Conveying content clearly and getting to the heart of the matter, while remaining interesting and genuine.

Presentations, speeches, meetings, in front of a small group or in large auditoriums: in this training course you will learn how to develop a natural stage presence. We won’t teach you mannerisms, but we will work on what moves and motivates you about your subject. Our “Personal presence” method teaches you how to present this as an exciting story that is entirely in keeping with you as an individual. We’ll be doing trial runs, testing whether you are at one with your inner self, which forms the basis for a positive attitude. This training course is also offered in different forms: “stage coaching” will prepare you for a specific appearance, from initial idea to final product. “Presenting with confidence” will prepare you mentally, so your appearance will be full of confidence even if you suffer from stage fright or nerves.

  • Telling a story instead of listing points: what makes you authentic?
  • Your innermost intention: speaking coherently and naturally in front of an audience.
  • Telling a story, providing evidence: turning an idea into an exciting Story
  • Your personal prelude: building suspense in just a few seconds
  • Storytelling at public appearances: inspiring your audience with stories
  • Intomedia Q&A session: dealing with unpleasant questions and questioners
  • First aid and exit strategies: preparing yourself mentally for your appearance
  • And last but not least: doing it, doing it, doing it. Each tool will come with the opportunity to test your mettle in situations that are designed to be as close as possible to the real thing.

Reality check: The best way to learn diving is by doing it in water: if you so wish, and if possible, we will hold the training course in the very room in which you are actually booked to appear. And if you would like to simulate your appearance in a large auditorium, we can arrange for you to use one of Vienna’s cinemas for a practice run. You will have the opportunity to face one of our journalists in order to simulate the stress of a questions and answers session.

Personal Presence goes far beyond classic presentation technique seminars. Even for me, with 30 years of experience as a presenter, the seminar taught me a lot of new things.

Robert Sobotka, Telemark Marketing, Managing Director

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