Personal Positioning

Strategy and media planning

Personal Positioning (strategy and media planning) is suitable for all individuals who wish to plan their career professionally and strategically. It is aimed at individuals who:

  • are striving for a career that entails being in the media spotlight,
  • wish to shift their public image due to a new career (e.g. business figures moving into politics or the other way round),
  • wish to correct their image to reposition themselves in the public consciousness.

The Personal Positioning training and consulting series will show you specifically developed techniques that will help you establish your personality and the image you want to go with it – both in the media and in public appearances off the air. The methods are clear, easily applicable and will help you reach your targets. It’s not the message that is at the centre of it all. You are the message.

This training course should be followed by public relations work, opening up ways of reaching the public. Intomedia accompanies you on your route to success in the public eye by offering strategic planning, training sessions and PR.

In some cases, based on experience, we recommend working closely with your PR agency or department.

Personal Positioning comprises five modules:


First of all, a contextual analysis (person, organisation) is conducted to identify the status quo. This is then followed by structured workshops to define personal and professional career goals.

Image management

Personal strengths and character traits are identified and cultivated to establish the desired image in the public sphere and the required closeness to the audience.

How you are perceived by your audience is not a matter of chance. It is a matter under your control.

The main focus in this workshop is on how to present yourself successfully in front of an audience. You will identify your positive traits and learn to share them. You will learn how to appear real and authentic even in difficult situations. We attach great importance to not creating an alter ego in the process. We only work with the characteristics and traits that are part and parcel of your personality. Your public image should not be a matter of chance. Image management techniques will help you achieve the desired effect in a professional way.

  • Identifying and becoming aware of character traits for public presentation
  • Presenting traits through content, wording and language
  • Presenting traits through non-verbal signals and outward appearance
  • Achieving the desired image in interviews, introductory presentations and talks
  • You don’t leave anything to chance, and use public appearances and media contacts to represent your personality

Reality check: You are authentic at your public appearances, and you consciously control your image.

Media coaching

In a series of coaching sessions you will learn techniques and tools to present your personality in a good light. For TV, radio, print and online, social media, for presentations and talks, for press conferences and panel discussions.

Focus feedback

You will be given objective, scientifically evaluated and clear feedback on the impact you and your messages have on your target audience. Before starting the media training course, we look into the status quo. During and after the coaching sessions, our focus feedback comprises objective and science-based feedback about your progress and shows the results of us working on this together.

Your impact is what counts

The Intomedia focus feedback is an integrated online test, giving you objective, clear and science-based feedback on the impact you’re having on your viewers and listeners – quickly and directly. Your success depends on your impact in the media. Please download our presentation to see how our focus feedback method works:

Media planning

The best preparation in the world is of little use if the media aren’t reporting your content. Professional media planning means placing the right message in the right place at the right time.

Accordingly, together with you we will develop the steps needed:

  • if you, as a person or organisation, want to be heard in the media (and in politics),
  • if you want to set the agenda – through articles, media activities or events you prepare,
  • if you want to reach your goals through campaigns,
  • if you want to get in touch with journalists,
  • in short: if you are looking to achieve perfect media planning.

If the above applies, please contact us so we can talk about your issues, industry, goals and plans and set up a schedule for implementing those media plans according to your specific needs.

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