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Quotes don’t just happen

As well as talking to radio and TV journalists, interviewees also need to do at least as many interviews with reporters from newspapers, magazines or online news sites. And these have their own rules.

Interviews with newspaper journalists are often conducted in a seemingly cosy atmosphere. This makes the interviewees more likely to say things that can backfire when subsequently reported in print. A throwaway comment can suddenly become the main headline.

During this training course participants will get to experience up close how print and online journalists work, see what interview tricks they like to use and how an article is created. Step by step. You will develop your core messages, headlines and soundbites, and you will also learn methods for influencing the outcome to your advantage.

  • Month-week-day: print journalists and their editorial teams – how they think, how they work
  • Off the record: background talks, research talks
  • On the record and in print: articles, reportages, the written interview
  • Headlines: who chooses them? what is their impact?
  • Key messages and wordings: planning and working with quotes
  • Rhetorical strategies for dealing with print journalists
  • Press photography: dress codes, etiquette and tips for photo shoots

Reality check: Acclaimed print journalists will challenge you during several rounds of interviews. They will then write articles and present them to you in original print and online layouts. In addition, a press photographer from a daily newspaper will take you through a typical photo shoot, explaining how to make sure you present the image to match your message.

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