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Shine your light

In a situation where several people on a panel are giving their opinion about a topic, you will need certain skills to stand out from the crowd and to reflect the image you want.

This training course will prepare you for your role in a discussion, whether you are a participant or a moderator.

If you are a participant, you will learn how to present your view convincingly and to keep your cool even in the heat of the moment. If you are a moderator, you will learn how to prepare opening statements that will make the audience look forward to the discussion, and how to keep a confident check on proceedings.

You will practise giving your own opinion or expertise the space required, learning how to deal with interruptions in a professional manner while remaining appreciative and calm. In our discussion training course you will learn easy-to-use methods derived from image management that will help you to highlight your personal strengths.

  • Discussion contributions: how to structure and time your content
  • Forging alliances: how to join forces, where possible, and how to draw the line where you think fit
  • Rhetorical strategies: how to make yourself heard and not be interrupted
  • Psychological intervention: how to calm down a situation or give it more spice, depending on your needs
  • Image management: consciously generate the effect that you want for yourself
  • Benefits and drawbacks of certain seating arrangements

Reality check: The course is conducted in a real-life setting, training you for the real thing. Discussions are therefore led by well-known TV moderators in a professional manner.

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