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Traditional Media X Digital Communication: The leading media training company and the avant-garde of digital communication work together. For you - and with you. For a good reason: to increase the visibility of your messages and to extend their lifespan.

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Cross-media storytelling

Cross-media crisis training

Cross-media Personal Positioning

Volatile messages

Mass media guarantee your messages broad publicity and high attention. But: attention spans and the lifespan of individual topics are of increasingly shorter duration. Media attention usually wanes quickly, and media interest often fades just as quickly as it came. No sooner is the message published than it is already history again.

We connect.

The interaction between Intomedia and sonicboom ensures optimal interaction. Together we increase the relevance of your topics for your target groups. We make topics more present, whether in the digital or analogue space.



Same objective, different rules of the game

Topic leadership, interpretive sovereignty and attention are the result of an effective interplay between classic and digital media. A convincing presence in classical media strengthens the trust of the target group in the long term. Intomedia's media professionals make sure of this. You can achieve lasting interest and attention for your messages through presence and appropriate communication on your digital channels. The digital experts at sonicboom make sure of that.

Your benefit

Your digital presence attracts the interest of journalists from traditional media, while the coverage in traditional media fuels the debates on your digital channels. Journalists come across your messages again and again and become aware of you, your company and your products.

  • You tell the right stories
  • You achieve sovereignty of interpretation and increased visibility online and on social media.
  • You communicate more effectively, both analogue and digital

Our offer

  • Cross-media storytelling: Intomedia and sonicboom work together to provide the right storytelling and intertwine your messages in digital and analogue media worlds. In this training you will learn how effective stories are structured and which elements must be included in order to harmonise attention and reputation in a media-appropriate way. Based on this, you will learn how to adapt the developed storylines for your digital channels and distribute them effectively.


  • Cross-media crisis training: Together we will ensure that you remain resilient in the event of a crisis, harsh criticism and strong headwinds. After our real-time simulation training in the analogue and digital world, including best and worst practice cases from your industry, you will be well prepared for crisis communication in the area of traditional media as well as for full-blown digital crises in the social media and online area.


  • Cross-Media Personal Positioning: After an analysis of the environment (person, organisation) and a definition of professional and career-relevant goals, we work with you on the infrastructure of your digital channels. In this way, traditional journalists as well as digital natives will become aware of your person and your messages. For people who do not want to leave strategic career planning on a digital and analogue level to chance.


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