Writing skills for business purposes

Appeal to your target audience with good texts

Executives and employees are experts in their respective fields, but writing is rarely one of their core competences. Yet texts need to be written all the time: emails or blog posts, annual reports or website content, speeches or even just regular correspondence.

As with all other Intomedia training seminars, this writing skills seminar is not just about theory but includes lots of intensive practical and creative work.

You will get a better feel for the written word, see the fun in writing and learn the tools needed to write quickly and vividly in the right style. In short: your internal and external communication will be faster and more precise.

The writing skills seminar may also be booked specifically for executives. Executives must inform and motivate their staff, explain connections and give clear instructions. To do so, they need precise texts to ensure that their message gets across and to avoid any misinterpretation or further questions.

  • Techniques for precise and vivid texts
  • The composition of words and sentences
  • Strategies to tackle officialese and stilted language
  • Methods for efficient writing
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Constructive and systematic text analysis

Reality check: Participants work on their own texts and analyse them together with their trainer. Hannes Külz worked for Financial Times Deutschland for many years, and is our print and online media expert.

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