Wording and messages

Getting to the point in 20 seconds

Get your views across convincingly and effectively in as little time as possible.
Learn exactly how to do this from seasoned media professionals.

Convey complex issues in just 15 or 20 seconds, in a way that they will stick in your audience’s mind. Speakers – representatives of interest groups and experts – never have less time to get their message across than in the media. The same applies to journalists: in editorial meetings editors are required to pitch the story they are planning for their programme in a single sentence. Needing to use two sentences would be regarded as a sign of a bad story.

You can now also apply this wording and message technique in your business setting: the techniques used by the media to turn information into concise and effective content will give you an advantage whenever you need to capture your audience’s attention within a short space of time but also need to win that audience over (sales, leadership, meetings, etc.).

  • Statement technique: get to the point in no more than 20 seconds – credibly, logically and plausibly
  • Hidden key message: the headline in your head, the hidden core of your message around which all your arguments revolve
  • The “lean factor” in your message: arouse interest now and be remembered for a long time
  • Clarifying viewpoints: use simple wording to explain complex issues effectively
  • Various target groups: quickly bring them together with precise wording
  • Appetency and aversion – using contrasts: the good and the evil

Reality check: Intensive training session in our live studio: working to ensure that you will succeed and get your message across in seconds, even in stressful situations.

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