Telephone training for business professionals

Successful customer and business phone calls

From the moment you open the door to the moment you close it, the way you deal with customers on the phone can make or break your business. Turn your company's managers, salespeople and receptionists into excellent public speakers who are as convincing on the phone as they are in person.

Break through the habits of the people you are talking to with our unconventional conversation starters. This will help you get through to the 'real' decision-makers.

Get to the point quickly and persuade your counterparts with clear messages and concise wording. You will be able to communicate even complex and difficult content effectively and understandably. You will secure customer satisfaction and business deals with your confident telephone presence.

Our highly effective and easy-to-use techniques will help you keep the upper hand in customer and business calls and maintain a positive atmosphere. Respond to objections with confidence and use the right conversational strategies to turn them to your advantage and bring the call to a successful conclusion.

Contents of our communication seminar (focus by arrangement)

  • Professional preparation for customer calls
  • 5 golden rules for successful business calls
  • Do's & Don'ts of cold calling
  • Opening the conversation: Breaking habitual patterns
  • Conversation guidelines: The red thread of the conversation
  • Rhetorical tools for intervention and conversation management
  • Questioning techniques, active listening and argumentation
  • Managing telephone conversations with confidence
  • Techniques for balancing customer focus and personal differentiation in difficult conversations
  • Dealing professionally with classic objections on the phone
  • Elocution training: what makes the difference between face-to-face and telephone communication
  • Tips and tricks for successful phone calls
  • The professional close: how to commit the GSP to an appointment
  • Practical exercises with real customers in the Intomedia Studio Centre

Reality check

Participants are challenged by communication professionals in real telephone conversations under difficult conditions at the Intomedia Studio Centre. This simulates a real-life stress situation and ensures an optimal practical transfer and training effect. All conversations recorded in the studio will be sent to you on a USB stick after the training. As a special bonus, telephone calls with real customers can be conducted, recorded and analysed on request. The two trainers double the training time for all participants.

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