Infos converted into compelling stories

The media are masters of turning information into compelling stories. Follow suit and turn your products into the stars of the show, and your company into an exciting production.

There are many products and services that are excellent quality but fail to stand out from their competitors. In addition, when asked probing questions, providers often struggle to come up with snappy answers. But this can all change if you are able to tell a really good and unique story (storytelling).

Working alongside media pundits, learn how to create a dramatic climax with your content, and to get your target group feeling the way you want them to feel. You will be taught to use stories and narrative patterns that have proven their worth in the media, building excitement, piquing curiosity and creating positive expectations.

During this storytelling course you will develop your personal “master plot”: the best story for your business, which you can then use immediately in sales or leadership, or as basis for your strategic messages and visualisations.

  • Dramaturgy and the story threads of professionals: from Mighty Mouse to an epic story arc
  • Using story turbos: generating “tension by nature” through brain scripts and by pushing the right mental buttons
  • Arousing thrill: trigger and dominant idea
  • The four pillars of suspense: how the media draw in their audience
  • Quality and differences in quality: steering attention to your USP
  • Open dramaturgy: integrate questions elegantly and use them dramatically to control the situation

Reality check: Step by step we will incorporate the master plot techniques into your talk or presentation, including direct and valuable feedback from media professionals and theatre makers.

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