Power rhetoric

The secret tricks of media professionals

Lead the discussion, play with tough questions and turn attacks and accusations to your advantage.

Seasoned media professionals have the tools and techniques to appear confident and calm even in controversial or confrontational encounters, and are still able to get their message across skilfully. Everything they do is intentional: they actively control the dialogue and use specific rhetorical and psychological strategies to ensure that they remain in full control of the encounter at every stage.

Learn how to control dialogue actively, and you will stay in control even in tough encounters and be able to assert your agenda. In keeping with our Intomedia approach, you will be relentlessly challenged by a renowned communication expert in a realistic TV studio setting. You will immediately be able to judge how you have fared from the expert's reaction.

  • Preparatory notes: preparing yourself professionally for tough encounters with media strategies
  • Agenda setting: getting your messages across even in tough confrontations
  • Transitions, trouble switches and tactical tools: actively controlling conversations and guiding them in the right direction
  • Dealing confidently with trick questions: exposing psycho tricks and unfair rhetoric
  • Meta dialogue: switch levels during the encounter, thus pacifying your attacker and letting unfair behaviour reflect badly on the person responsible
  • Argumentation with positive objections: how media professionals use attacks for their own benefit

Reality check in our live studio: Stay confident even if criticised or attacked polemically, set the agenda and strengthen your own viewpoint.

In my everyday business life, I often find myself in conflictual conversations, whether with my own employees or with external negotiators. The Intomedia Power Rhetoric training helped me to stay in control in such conversations and to give them the desired direction and to get my message across clearly.

Oliver Strobl, Head of E-Business / Sales & Distribution at Tobaccoland Handels GmbH & Co KG

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