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A presentation, lecture, talk, moderation, for small groups or in a large room – whatever the challenges you face in your work life: in our Personal Presence training sessions you will learn how to develop your natural charisma and build up real suspense for your audience, in keeping with your content, your company or your reputation. We won’t teach you mannerisms, but tell you how to show what moves and motivates you about your subject.

Nobody is born a perfect public speaker. However, each of us is unique and, with professional training, we can all develop our own unique impact. Personal presence can be learnt, and your presence will become even stronger if you build up the suspense in your messages all the while acting confidently. This is why we also teach you how to deal with stress and nerves, allowing you to be open and “completely yourself” during an appearance.

  • Telling a story instead of listing points: how to create authenticity
  • Customising content and story to the Speaker
  • Creating suspense with individual methods to suit the Speaker
  • Practical exercises to optimise your personal presence
  • Triggers to reduce stress and nerves
  • Intomedia Q&A: with unpleasant questions and questioners

Reality check: Appearances and presence exercises in front of the group, under the critical eye of a media professional and theatre director.

Personal Presence goes far beyond classic presentation technique seminars. Even for me, with 30 years of experience as a presenter, the seminar helped me to become even better.

Robert Sobotka, Managing Director Telemark Marketing

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