Language – voice – body language

You are judged according to how you speak. Intensive training course for language and speaking using proven media methods.

Everybody speaks differently. We all have our own unique way of speaking, our idiolect, which influences how our spoken word is perceived. This also influences how our personality is perceived. All the more reason to look into this under the watchful eye of a media professional and to test how you come across when required to speak under stressful conditions.

Learn how to articulate correctly and perfect your breathing and posture, thus significantly boosting the impact you make on your audience. You will project a more self-aware and convincing aura, and your colleagues, customers and audience will listen enthusiastically and attentively to what you’ve got to say.

  • Find out about your own personal speaking strengths and weaknesses in practical speech, vocal and breathing exercises.
  • Learn all about breath support to improve your voice strength and to make a greater impact.
  • Work on your talk or presentation focusing on language and voice, and, just like media professionals, make sure you rehearse beforehand.
  • Use appropriate language: improve your idiolect, master a perfect mix of dialect and standard language.
  • Body language becomes your native tongue: acquire your own personal body language repertoire.
  • Volume: how to talk loudly yet effortlessly thanks to the right breathing technique – and how to be easily understood while speaking softly.

Reality check: Group improvisation exercises; boosting your impact by using your voice, language and body language in a targeted and deliberate manner.

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