Discussions and meetings

How others will always listen to YOU

You might have the best arguments and the most plausible viewpoints but you won’t be heard if you become entangled in the cross fire of a confrontation. Media professionals will show you how to make yourself heard in your everyday business dealings.

Strong interests will always clash in TV or radio discussions, which is what the audience expects. In order to be able to stand your ground, you need to be able to tackle resistance and achieve the effect you want.

Meetings, discussions and talks with customers are often not much different: controversial situations require rhetorical and psychological controlling tools. Employing strategies from fair and unfair media rhetoric, you will be equipped with a range of useful techniques enabling you to get your say in a rhetorical debate with several people – and hold on to it. You will take control of the debate and ensure that it stays productive, generating good solutions.

  • The Intomedia checklist: preparing discussions professionally to give you the strategic edge
  • Structure and wording: argumentation and targeted use of your own content
  • Rhetorical strategies: get your say and make optimal use of the time available
  • Keep your cool – even in the heat of battle
  • Deal professionally with all types of panellists – from those who want to hog the limelight to the eccentric expert
  • Psychological strategies: tactical calming of the situation or injection of emotion

Reality check: Know it, and know how to use it. During live discussions with a renowned moderator you will use all the techniques and methods learnt.

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