Cross-media personal positioning

You are the message!

In our cross-media training Personal Positioning, we ensure that your media impact on analogue and digital media channels optimally matches your personality as well as your career goals.

In the analogue part of this cross-media training, we strategically plan your professional goals together with you and work on your image and media impact if necessary. This is not only about your perception in the classic media (print, TV, radio), but also about your appearance off-air (presentations, press conferences...).

In the digital part of the training, we optimise your digital infrastructure. Step by step, we bring the digital channels relevant to you up to date and ensure that channels and content fit you and your personal professional goals. Because: A high degree of optimisation and efficient interaction of your digital channels allow you to leave targeted footprints in the digital world.

  • Business environment analysis: Survey of the status quo of the impact of your person and/or organisation. Then definition of professional goals.
  • Image management: Collection of personal strengths and character traits to establish the desired image in public and to create the necessary proximity to the target group.
  • Cross-media coaching: Training in the media presentation and portrayal of your personality in every conceivable analogue (TV, radio, print & online, social media, for presentations and speeches) and digital (social media, Google My Business, Wikipedia...) setting.

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