Successful Communication

Confident speaking – successful sales

Argue your case better, be more confident in difficult situations and, most importantly, convince your customer. Managers and sales staff will hone their speaking skills and become better sellers. Just having practical experience is not enough to be successful in sales. You also need the right speaking and psychological skills.

In this course you will familiarise yourself with a range of easily applied and highly effective techniques, taken from the field of media rhetoric, ensuring that you will always be in control of any kind of conversation with your customers – with a signed contract to show for it at the end.

Learn from our communication experts how to deal with objections and complaints in a professional manner, and how to navigate difficult conversation situations. Listen actively to your customer and learn how to use an appropriate pricing strategy to make sure you bag those lucrative contracts, and not your competitor.


  • Professional and confident: how to deal with customer objections
  • Questioning techniques and active listening: how to really engage your customer
  • Proactive communication: how to activate your counterpart and sell your product
  • Proper and effective arguments: plausible, logical and convincing
  • Agenda setting: getting your message across even in tough confrontations
  • Useful price strategies: explaining your prices convincingly, and getting those contracts
  • Psychological intervention: how to remain in control of the situation even in difficult conversations
  • Ask for the business: how to make your prospective customer sign on the dotted line

You will get the chance to try out all the techniques and methods that you have learned, and that you will subsequently need to convince your customers in real life, in a trial negotiation under particularly difficult conditions in our live studio. Every round of training includes a video analysis, feedback session and recommendations for improvement.

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