360° storytelling

Convince with analogue and digital stories

Do you have a unique product, an excellent service, an innovative idea - but is your offering underappreciated by customers? Is it too little known? That's no longer the case if you have an exciting and credible story to tell.

Ten years ago, this would have solved your problem. But today, your audience is not just gathered in a single auditorium. The people you want to reach are wherever your mobile phone is. So your stories need to be equally suited to the challenges of digital AND analogue communication.

In this training course, you will learn how to turn your content into attractive stories that do justice to your target groups. You will learn how to stage your stories in such a way that they unfold reliably in every conceivable communication setting.

It goes without saying that you will review your existing digital channels and readjust them if necessary goes without saying. In this way, your messages, content and ideas will have a broad impact and receive the attention they deserve.

Content of our 360° storytelling training course

Part 1: From the message to the story

  • Curiosity and involvement: What makes stories exciting
  • Dramaturgy: How to find the best story for your cause
  • Purpose, success and personnel: Efficient blueprints for your stories

Part 2: The application of your stories

  • Shining with stories in public appearances: speeches, keynotes & co.
  • Writing stories: Storytelling for magazines and blogs
  • Storytelling in the information campaign

Part 3: Digital storytelling: success factors and prerequisites

  • Before distribution: Identify goals, target groups and relevant KPIs
  • Digital infrastructure: Are your channels (online and social media) optimised for the distribution of your stories?
  • Costs and benefits: Internal challenges and external risks of digital storytelling

Part 4: Your individual digital story: implementation

  • Stories 2.0: Which content, which topics and which formats are suitable for your objectives?
  • Dramaturgy in the digital world: How can you create a "digital arc of suspense" and tell an exciting story?
  • Social media storytelling: Which digital networks and channels are suitable for your digital stories?

Reality check

Oral or written, on camera or in front of a live audience: stories can appear in different forms and settings. In this workshop, you will practise using your stories in very specific case studies from your day-to-day business and your industry.

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