360° crisis training

A holistic view of media crises

Nowadays, media crises take place simultaneously on digital and analogue channels and thus reinforce each other. Whether in classic media or digital: In this training you will learn the optimal strategies to efficiently counter crises in every setting.

In the analogue part of the workshop, media professionals prepare you for an emergency. Together with you, we simulate a media crisis situation and the associated interviews in different media settings (radio, TV, print). You develop target-oriented messages and the appropriate wordings and can thus react quickly and efficiently in a real crisis situation and maintain control in interviews even in the face of headwinds and criticism.

Then, in the digital part of the training, we simulate a digital crisis on your company-relevant social media channels. We show you the appropriate community management strategies with which you can counter criticism, shitstorms and headwinds online and successfully defuse them. In addition, we will support you in setting up a digital monitoring network in order to recognise future crises in good time and to be able to react quickly in an emergency.

  • Maintain full control in tricky interview situations
  • React quickly in a crisis with the appropriate wordings
  • Use the attention that media crises bring with them
  • Take the wind out of the sails of digital criticism with the right posting and moderation strategies
  • Use a customised digital early warning system to identify critical comments before they grow into crises.
  • Use the opportunity of crises for your own digital communication structures

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