Online Mediatraining Center

Based in Vienna, but reaching out to anywhere in the world, our new online studio creates a training experience as if you and your remote colleagues were here with us face to face, allowing you to prepare for your media appearance wherever you are. With our new and unique online studio technology we are ready to unite them and take them to the next level in media, business, and crisis communication - via secure links.

Wherever you and your people are – we are there for you!

It is essential that your company speaks a clear and consistent common language. Whether the topic is your Strategy, your Innovation or your Position on particular issues. If your company is in the media spotlight, this can be of existential importance: The impact of a statement by a company representative in one part of the world on company entities other parts of the world is often drastically underestimated. Creating common wordings and a coherent voice requires the creation of media-proof content, which is our specialty.

No matter whether your colleagues are in Vienna, Singapur, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Moscow or Cape Town . Our unique online studio technology is going to bring your employees from all over the world toghether to work on your corporate wording, on their answers to unwelcome questions and on their defense in hostile environments.

With our new Online Mediatraining Center (OMC) – virtual but 1:1 to reality.

Based in Vienna, reaching out to wherever you are

We have built on the most effective and popular elements in our trainings and pioneered a new way to bring interview skills and vital communication techniques to a global audience. From Radio and Online Interviews to live TV Settings and Print Interviews, we can do it all on this new platform.

Our team is as international and diverse as you and your colleagues are. All trainings and interviews are conducted just like in the “real world”, and, while the simultaneous editing is done backstage, interview analysis and messaging optimization can proceed uninterruptedly. Finished interviews, edited radio and TV reports, and print articles hot off the press are presented to your entire team to enable valuable inputs and feedback and the polishing of key messages.

Trainings are offered in English and German.

We are a technical company and as technicians we are not always the best at getting to the heart of the issues. Intomedia's programme helps us to become aware of this and to train. The setting is special at Intomedia - where else do you have the opportunity to train in front of the camera or in a recording studio. Of course, this is also challenging - get out of your comfort zone!

Wolfgang Maurer, Managing Director Endress & Hauser

Advantages: Saving Travel Expenses & Logistics + Overcoming Team Dispersion

With our Online Training Center, we have created a destination that any of the trainees can reach immediately, comfortably, and affordably. With the click of a mouse, your team will be united in a challenging environment. This way, you consolidate your world-wide corporate messaging and you bring your international teams together. The only inconvenience: your colleagues will be missing out on frequent-flyer miles and the chocolate on their pillow. But sleeping in their own bed will leave them well-rested for the training.

Training Formats Defined

Media Training Professional

This training focuses developing and practicing  concise and clear media-appropriate messages. We teach you the most effective ways to get your point across. Using practice interviews we conduct with you our team produces finished radio and TV reports that give you valuable insights into how journalists work and how they tick.

Media Training Executive and Crisis Training

In these trainings, controversy and confrontation are at center-stage. These trainings cover all situations that involve accusations, aggressive follow-up questioning and strong criticism, making it absolutely necessary for the interviewee to be cool, calm, collected – and in control.

Press Conference Training

At press conferences the challenge is “satisfying” different types of journalists all at once, even though they represent different types of media and, because of that, ask questions specific to their own interests. You will develop core messages, headlines and supporting quotes and learn methods to influence the outcome in your favor.

Discussion Training

On the one hand you will learn to present your specific Opinion and Expertise. You will remain professional when someone is interrupting you. On the other hand our Discussion Training goes to the next level to include easy methods to practice Image Management and bring your personal strengths into clear focus.

Print and Online Trainings

In this training, you will learn key differences between print and online interviews. You will avoid revealing sensitive information to your interview partners. You will develop messages, headlines and supporting quotes and learn methods to influence the outcome in your favor. In our Print Trainings, you see first-hand how print journalists work.

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