Brigitte Handlos

Media trainer, journalist, lecturer

Training focus

Thirty years of experience in journalism (print, radio, TV and online) have shaped Brigitte Handlos' career. It is important to her to position herself well in all media with her personal strengths and to represent her views there in such a way that they are understood. It is important to her to preserve the individual personality and to bring out the individual strengths. This is the only way to be authentic and credible in the media. Brigitte Handlos has conducted hundreds of interviews and background discussions. As a leading journalist, she was responsible for the quality and sustainability of the journalistic work. This is also important in media training.

Professional background

Born and raised in Linz. Studied English and German in Vienna. From 1983 - 1992 teacher at a Viennese secondary school. From 1990 freelancer for the daily newspaper "Der Standard". At the end of 1992 transferred to the ORF regional studio in Vienna. Six years later moved to the hit radio station Ö3 under Bogdan Roscic. From 2000 head of the chronicle department of ORF radio information. From 2007 to 2019, head of the chronicle department at Zeit im Bild and responsible for numerous infotainment formats such as "Mittag in Ö" and "heute leben". Co-founder of the independent women's network Media, member of the task force of the ORF Women's Platform and as such also mentor for many years. Member of the advisory board of the Congress of Women Journalists. Awarded the Golden Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria in 2017 for her feminist commitment. Now freelancing again as producer of the feminist podcast


Media training

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